Five quick tips to help you price your Baldock home effectively

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Once you make a decision to put your Baldock property on the market, how do you know how to price it accurately? We have these five quick tips for sellers:

Remember housing markets are local

While national reports on house price trends can provide a useful indication of the state of the wider property market, it is essential to realise that housing markets are local. Even within local areas there can be a number of micro markets, for example we often see higher prices achieved for properties near certain popular schools in Baldock and some roads that are easy reach of to the Station.

Make sure you do your research into how house prices have been affected in your region, town – even street. Take a look on websites like and to see how other properties in the area are priced. Also check to find out how much similar homes on your street sold for; a number of websites provide this information.

Be aware of trends and price accordingly

It is not enough simply to understand how houses are priced in your area at the moment – it is also important to know the direction that they are travelling.  This can also help you to price cleverly.  For example, if prices are dropping by one per cent every month and you want to sell within three months – drop your price by three per cent at the outset. This will give you a more competitive price and increase the chances of getting a good offer. Additionally there are areas and types of property where prices are still increasing.

Ask the professionals

Often the easiest way of getting the most up-to-date information you need is to consult a respected, local professional.  Property experts who are experienced and know what is happening in the local market and on wider scale too.   A professional agent can be invaluable in the selling process.

Put yourself in the buyer`s position

You need to be realistic when you price your property – the memories that make the house so valuable to you are not shared by the buyer. More likely, they are thinking about what they will change about the house! There is no point putting a value on sentimentality.   Again take advice from a property expert.

Know that the price your property will sell for is determined by your buyers

There are two figures to be aware of when you are selling your property – the amount that you would like to receive and the figure that a buyer is prepared to pay.  Recognising that these may be different and that there needs to be a detailed marketing strategy and plan to achieve the best possible outcome, is the most important thing

Keep up to date with the Baldock property market by visiting The Baldock Property Blog on a regular basis – on the blog you can find many articles on the current condition of the local property market and important predictions on where property prices are going.



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